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What is BTK Dream?

Back to Kama (BTK) is a voluntary migration campaign to encourage well educated, successful and affluent people of all races and religions, particularly those who are descendants of slaves to voluntarily transfer to Kama the knowledge and wealth they have rightfully accumulated in the “Americas”, and relocate their businesses and operations to Kama.

Kama: is the original name for Africa used by its indigenous people.

The BTK dream hopes to reverse the debilitating effect of the African Diaspora, in which millions of indigenous inhabitants left their homelands over the last few centuries to live in other parts of the world – involuntarily or voluntarily.

BTK hopes to first attract celebrities, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and business people for the publicity generated by their initiatives will influence others to follow.

The BTK Organization desires to support entrepreneurial efforts in Africa by informing the western world, and in particular the successful African-American population, and others in the African Diaspora on the superior benefits of doing business in Kama.


The BTK plan would not only solve the economic crisis faced by most Kama nations but can serve as “the most comprehensive proposal ever for addressing and solving the issue of reparations for the African slave trade and exploitative colonization, neither of which has been recognized as a crime against humanity.”

Governments on both sides of the Atlantic can gain much from a stronger Kama and thus are encouraged to put in place incentives for African-Americans and other descendents of slaves to establish businesses in Kama and move their operations to specialized Free Trade Zones…


Within one generation - by 2030 - Kama can become the most developed and prosperous continent if the keys to success are implemented not only by successful descendants of former slaves but also by governments of Kama and by the US government as a rightful compensation for the African slave trade.

While the rest of the world is experiencing a financial crisis, the expanding opportunities in Kama will be a very big draw for anybody. Its economic growth will be astonishing.”


Incentives for success are as follows:

Incentives by Kama (African) Governments

Governments of Kama and the African Union (AU) should recognize and institutionalize the Black American community and the African Diaspora as a 6th region of the continent and insure they play an active role in the AU;

Provide automatic citizenship to any descendants of former slaves who want to return back to Kama, [As in Israel]. DNA testing and location of ancestral land of origin can be performed to fine-tune best location of origin;
Establish legislation to attract foreign direct investments (from Black Celebrities, entrepreneurs and others with wealth) for the creation of Free Trade Zones (FTZ) and other economic development projects;

Provide guaranteed tax exemption on income and assets for at least 14 years to all immigrants of Kamite (African) descent;

Provide Banking Secrecy guaranteed by law as in Switzerland;

Adopt a common currency, the Kamo for all countries in Kama and promote its financial benefits;

Provide free education and free healthcare to the population;

Adopt the latest sciences and technologies such as biotechnology, (GMO, Stem Cells) nanotechnology, telecommunications, internet education, etc…;

Encourage the welcoming of black prisoners freed from the US prison system. The prisoners would be previously trained to acquire business entrepreneurship skills; (As CANADA, which was built on the import of European Prisoners).

Incentives by the US Government

The American authorities should free from jail - if they accept to return back to Kama - all prisoners in the USA who are descendants of Kama. In certain states blacks represent more than 50% of the inmate population;

The US Government should provide financial support to make this operation a success. The timing is perfect! Because with more than 7 million inmates, the USA is the country with the most prisoners and it no longer has the financial ability to finance their detention.

By Chiefs & Kings

They are the traditional authorities in villages and regions. At the time of the slave trade, the countries and borders of today’s Kama did not exist, therefore, the descendants of former slaves should be returning back to the original regions, ethnic groups or villages of their displaced ancestors.

They will be welcomed as sons or daughters of an ethnic group or a village during a traditional ceremony by the chiefs and Kings. This ceremony will be like an African traditional Baptism. It has real meaning and it will facilitate the social integration of the returning sons and daughters giving them a true sense of belonging to a family, a village, a people.


The BTK dream project was launched in Las Vegas in April, 2009 by Rael, the leader of the International Raelian Movement (IRM). Rael said: “To save Humanity, we must first save Kama”. The BTK dream will not only help save Kama but also Humanity as a whole.

Together, let’s make this dream a reality in our lifetime.

For additional information on Rael's actions and speeches for a new Africa.

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